Top Casual Elevator Shoes of 2020

Top Casual Elevator Shoes of 2020

So far, 2020 has been the year of staying home. The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined a lot of cultural keystones, including fashion, festivities and entertainment. The extra time at home has given us plenty of time to review our looks and rethink our wardrobes, however.

Many essential businesses have loosened their dress codes in the pandemic, making every day casual day. But while some people think "casual" means "don't care" or "sloppy," you know better. Casual options let us really flex our fashion sense so we can make a positive impression whether we're wearing khakis, chinos or jeans. They let us make the most of those rare chances when we get to check in at the office, meet an important client or hit the town on date night.

You're still getting work done and living life in the coronapocalypse, after all. If making an impression is a crucial part of your business, we're here to help with elevator shoes that boost your height and your confidence.

Casual is king in 2020. Our line of casual shoes features everything you'd hope to find at a typical shoe store. See for yourself: These are some of the best casual elevator shoes for men in 2020.

  • CALTO Business Gray Leather Derbies: One of the newest shoe trends we've seen over the last few months is coloring a traditional shoe style with a bold color. While unique, those shoes don't allow for a lot of flexibility. The bright Goodyear Welt on these Derby-style casual elevator shoes give you a splash of eye-catching color, while the neutral color allows these to be worn with many more outfits.

  • CALTO Casual Wing Tips: Elegant embroidery and clever broguing allow this sharp shoe to mix several traditional styles, yet look completely natural. This type of shoe is perfect for fashion-savvy guys looking for something with refinement and depth. Shoes that mix styles like these usually make some of the best business casual shoes.

  • TOTO Leather Skateboard Shoes: These bad boys are another example of how traditional styles can mix together. Combining a skateboarding deck shoe with a wing tip and patterned leather panels, these casual shoes fit well with jeans or pants.

  • TOTO Urban Hikers: Featuring the elegant gloss of a leather dress shoe with an aggressive tread built for gripping pavement, gravel or other rough surfaces, these low-rise hikers let you look sharp, while being prepared to go anywhere.

  • CALDEN Classic Basketball High-Top Sneakers: One of our favorite pairs of casual kicks, the dual-colored canvas panels completely redefine the classic high-top style. And those extra eyelets are just dope. If you're seeking a strong style statement, you just found it.

At, we've been at the forefront of the shoe industry for more than two decades and watching shoe fashion with a careful eye, from traditional styles to trendy sensations. We've put all that knowledge into offering some of the best Elevator Shoes on the market, using the characteristics of those styles to cleverly hide height-increasing insoles and platforms.

You'll love our customer service, our competitive prices and our discreet shipping. But most of all, you'll love how the world looks while wearing our shoes.


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