This collection of elevator shoes offers a height boost of 3.4 inches, an outstanding choice for shorter-height men wanting variety.

Collection: 3.4 INCH / 9 CM

Elevator shoes with 3.4 inches of boost to your height also give you a significant confidence boost.

Women choose their height strategically all the time, based on how they want to look in certain social situations. The extra height improves stature and figure, and ends up offering a boost in confidence that helps them make the most of every moment. Because women's styles are what they are, choosing such a height advantage is easy and obvious. Men don't have as many choices.

But men can employ the same tactic with our elevator shoes.

A boost of 3.4 inches is good for men of below-average height who want options that still look like modern trends. Our collection of elevator shoes with a 3.4-inch boost offers a bit of everything, from formal and business styles to casual and active options.

You'll love the way the world looks wearing our elevator shoes.