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Sneakers / Athletics

With height increasing elevator sneakers from Tall Men Shoes, you can keep your height advantage no matter what you do during the day.

Men who wear Elevator Shoes usually do so for work - they invest in a few pairs that go with khakis, trousers or even dress jeans. Slipping them on is like putting on a coat of confidence. They instantly feel the benefits, getting a surge of inspiration and power.

When the weekend rolls around, however, and their agenda calls for a day of relaxation, that calls for sneakers. And that's what sends guys crashing back to reality. They have to give up the height advantage that boosts attitude and confidence during work or social events.

At, our line of elevator sneakers prevents that crash. With our line of sneakers, trainers and other athletic shoes, you can keep your height advantage and enjoy all the comfortable benefits that sneakers provide.

You'll find a wide variety of sneakers here, including:

Standard sneakers. They feature the same bold stripes of color, mesh panels and easy lacing that you'd expect from a pair of sneakers, as well as the same comfortable, flexible insole.

Lightweight walkers. If you enjoy taking walks around the park, our lightweight walkers are made to protect your feet while still offering lift.

Casual sneakers. Made with leather and colored in more neutral tones, our casual sneakers are perfect for matching with jeans for a day of running errands, casual adventuring or daytime dates with that special someone. Fashion savvy gentlemen will find plenty of exciting options here.

Basketball hi-tops and hiking-style boots. The timeless look of high-tops and hiking boots allow us to pack even more lift inside. While we do not recommend these for active games or hikes, they will protect your feet through light-duty activity.

There's no need to give up inches on sneaker-wearing days. With, you'll enjoy all the benefits of extra height no matter what the day brings.