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Height related article:

Due to the nature of gender stereotypes, men often feel pressured to be "a man", just as women are pressured to be "feminine". For this, in part, women have to "look good", and men need to be tall. If a man isn't tall enough, he can always get help by wearing our height increasing Elevator Shoes.

The lightweight hidden increaser ensures that our Elevator Shoes weigh not more than normal footwear. The hidden increaser is made of soft material and contains a massage sole which greatly enhances your comfort. As a consequence, you can wear Elevator Shoes on a daily basis without experiencing any discomfort. Moreover, they push you to walk straighter improving your body stature.

Wearing slightly longer trousers with larger legs optimizes the invisible effect. The more a specific model increases your height, the more this statement holds. There is no need to change your wardrobe though. In general, trousers should have sufficient margin so that they nicely fall over the top end of the shoes (there where the shoes lift ups). Nobody will notice the secret!