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Elevator boots from offer a major boost to your height and stature without anyone knowing your secret.

Gain a whole new mindset and a few inches of height in a pair of elevator boots. Lace up a set, and with that instant boost, you're seeing the world from an entirely new perspective - one that's a slightly taller, more elevated version of yourself.

If you've ever wondered how guys like Tom Cruise, Kit Harington, Justin Bieber and even Lil Uzi Vert make it work and attract all the attention, it often comes down to the right shoes and knowing their angles. So, find your style, feel the extra height and strut like you've got a red carpet premiere to attend. Elevator boots are really much more than just high heeled boots for men as they become a fashion trend by so the famous.

These Boots Are Made for Boostin'

At, we've been keeping a sharp eye on shoe trends for more than 20 years, watching new trends come and go, and seeing how traditional styles evolve. One of the keys to our success at hiding height-increasing insoles inside luxurious shoes is using the natural characteristics of those shoes for added height increases.

Consider a pair of dress shoes: most have a heel that just down further than the rest of the sole. That means a larger heel can add an extra inch that, when combined with an extra inch or two of a height-increasing insole, offer an overall three-inch boots.

With that in mind, boots are born to increase your height. The combination of higher ankle panels and extended soles gives us the opportunity to offer major height boots.

Traditional boots deliver a silhouette that easily accommodates the extra height increase, courtesy of an additional layer inserted into the body. In fact, you will only find the five-inch boost in boots rather than in low-height styles, because the shoe last, located at the back, is naturally higher. Simply put, at, all of our five-inch options are available in boot form.

Styles of Extra-Height Elevator Boots

As any guy knows, boots open up a plethora of possibilities. While tactical, work boot and hiking styles are all available in elevated forms, our selection as the largest elevator shoe retailer in North America further encompasses plenty of dress, business and smart-casual options:

  • Formal and dress elevator boots in plain-toe and brogue versions can be worn with a tuxedo or other formal trousers. You can find lace-up and zipper styles delivering classic or modern dapper appeal.
  • Classic brown and black elevator boots appropriate for business and professional wear are a precise match for your chinos. These silhouettes based on a derby come in round- and square-toe versions, complete with wingtip and brogue details.
  • Fashionable and trendy casual boots elevate your style and make a statement in the process. Whether you're a fashion-savvy gentleman seeking a complete outfit, or just a dude who wants simple leather boots to pair with timeless jeans, our fantastic selection puts the right kind of attention on your feet.

Time to Rethink Your Fashion Strategy

The fashionable options above mean that you can start thinking about using height as a wardrobe option for certain situations. Don't think of our elevator boots as high heel men's shoes - think of them as strategic tools to deploy in certain situations.

Women do this all the time. They use high heels for much more than a height boost, for instance. A woman's wardrobe includes more form-fitting outfits, and the shape and boost of a high heel slims the figure. You can put the same philosophy into play with your wardrobe selections, based on the situation you're dressing for. Skinny jeans will have an elongating effect for the illusion of height, or you can use closely fitted dress pants in the case of a formal or business setting.

Additionally, certain social situations call for a bigger height boost:

  • Giving a presentation to a crowd of listeners, potential clients or new employees.
  • Formal social events such as weddings, chamber banquets or fundraisers, where you'll be surrounded by potential networking targets.

When you're making a large amount of first impressions at once, that's a good time to get the most height that you can.

Hundreds of high-heel shoes and boots for men are in our southern California warehouse ready to ship the day you order. Or, you can stop by the Los Angeles store to try on a few pairs for yourself!

Our CALTO brand is changing the way you see the world, both with the extra inches added and the higher perspective you'll gain. You can also check out CALDEN and TOTO boots for a range of formal and casual occasions.

We manufacture all of our own elevator boots using innovative methods that create a practical and comfortable shoe that subtly boosts your height. Find hiking shoes with heels for men that are tough enough for the great outdoors, and everyday lift boots that bring some style into the office. On special occasions when your partner slips on a pair of heels, meet her all the way with masculine height-increasing boots made of classy full-grain leather. However you define your personal style, we let you realize it with confidence through western elevator boots, smooth suede, wing-tips, high-top sneakers and much more in all sizes and colors. Lace them up, slip them on or zipper them shut for all-day comfort.

Tall Men Shoes' Approach

Since 1999, has been the place to find men's elevator boots online that heighten your stature and bring up your confidence. We've been at the forefront of shoe design and have earned thousands of positive reviews for how we blend height-increasing tools seamlessly with fashion. You'll love the way you feel with a pair of height-increasing boots from

We are proud to have satisfied customers in more than 80 countries, thanks to quality footwear and the industry's best customer service. Ask us about our 110% price protection and easy returns that ensure you're getting the right deal on the right boots.