Show your Personality with Stylish Shoes

Some people just think of shoes as something that covers their feet and helps them stay comfortable during long days. But the shoes people wear actually say a lot about who they are. We've put together a guide to how shoe styles make a personality statement for the person wearing them. And it might even put words to why you fell in love with your current pair!

Dress Shoes

Men who wear dress shoes all the time are proud of what they've accomplished in life. They probably have a high-paying job and they definitely an appreciation for the finer things. These guys pay great attention to detail and know exactly what they want. Their buddies like them a lot, and they're respected by everyone who knows them.

Running Shoes

Those who prefer running shoes are known to be goal-oriented, organized and confident. These are the folks who go the extra mile, whether it's with their latest fitness challenge or with a big project at work. They are also known for multi-tasking and being involved in a lot of different things at once.

Work Boots

People who wear work boots are some of the most practical people you will ever meet. You can expect them to be analytical thinkers who are always planning at least two steps ahead. They are also grounded, well-balanced and independent people who aren't going to get too excited or upset about any one thing.


If a guy walks up to you in a pair of sneakers, there's a good chance you're going to become fast friends. Sneaker wearers have a relatable personality and will probably get along with everybody at a party. They're also likely an open-minded person, which matches the versatility of this footwear. Going with high-tops shows an additional air of sophistication as well.


Despite what the name might suggest, loafer lovers actually aren't lazy. Rather, they're the steady rock that you can count on in any situation. People who wear loafers are known to be responsible, detail-driven and above all, genuine. They are always themselves, and they give other people the freedom to be the same.

Shoes with Contrasting Soles

If the sole of a shoe is a vastly different color than the upper, it typically means the wearer is confident. They like to have fun, but they know how to be professional and appropriate when necessary. And they just might surprise you when you're least expecting it.

Shoes with Visible Brand Names

Only the most expensive dress shoes and sneakers have the logos large enough to see at a glance. And that's just the way the wearer wants it. Someone with shoes that are clearly brand-name has a high income and wants to show it off to everyone. They won't settle for anything less than the best, whether it's their shoes or restaurant choice.

Minimalist Shoes vs. Flashy Shoes

Shoe color matters, but maybe not in the way you expect. Don't assume someone with a basic, single-tone shoe is boring. They probably just decided they have better things to do than waste half an hour every morning deciding how to look. Expect a no-nonsense, drama-free dude who's actually pretty cool once you get to know them. On the flip side, bright and colorful shoes are a clear indicator of an outgoing personality. This person will talk your ear off if you let them.


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