Choosing Shoes by Occasion

No matter what you're wearing, find the perfect pair of elevator shoes for your outfit at

When guys think of elevator shoes, they usually think of huge platform boots worn by extras in the "Austin Powers" movies. Or maybe they think of something designed purely for medical reasons, without a shred of thought toward how they look.

At, nothing could be further from the truth. Our CALTO, TOTO and CALDEN lines of shoes are all made in the same styles and looks you see at your favorite shoe store. The only difference is we know how to hide height-increasing insoles and lifts so that no one will ever know you're wearing elevator shoes.

When guys seeking an increase in height discover the wide variety of elevator shoes we have available, it's like a whole new world opens up. So now that you know you have plenty of options available, let's talk about the best ways to wear those options.

Wearing the right shoes is an important part of looking good. Your favorite tennis shoes aren't going to cut it at a formal office. And on the flip side, you'll look way overdressed wearing wing-tip brogues to the grocery store. If you're reading this, you want to be able to choose the best shoe based on the occasion. We've put together some tips for selecting footwear that looks both stylish and appropriate.

Special Occasions

Want to stand out at a wedding, important business meeting or banquet? Keep it simple. You need your special occasion dress shoes to be as smooth and simple as possible. Plain black lace-up Oxfords are the go-to safe choice for formal gatherings. A plain Derby shoe can also be worn in certain situations.

Semi-Formal Dinner Parties & Gatherings

Sometimes you need to look stylish without coming off as overly posh or stuffy. A good pair of brown or burgundy dress shoes, with or without brogues, will do the trick when paired with the right suit. The lighter color makes them a little trendier and more casual than traditional black shoes while still having a formal vibe to them.

Nights Out at the Bar or Club

Most guys want to wear shoes that impress when they go out with friends. But you also don't want to track expensive dress shoes through beer spills, dirt build-up and whatever else ends up on a barroom floor. We recommend a pair of penny loafers or blucher mocs for nights out. They're sharp, comfortable and durable - and if a major incident does erupt that damages them, they won't cost a fortune to replace.

Smart Casual

Business casual offices, concerts, dates and birthday parties often call for an outfit that is relaxed but neat. More elaborate dress shoes such as wingtipsmonk-straps and Chelsea boots are the go-to on these occasions. When it comes to color, brown is the best smart casual choice, because it has the right balance of formal and casual.

Running Errands

Want to look good even if you're just heading to the coffee shop or visiting a bookstore? Both sneakers and loafers can be the shoe of choice for this laid-back casual look. What style you go with depends on the rest of your outfit. Chunkier canvas sneakers and mocs go well with jeans; if you're wearing khakis or chinos, stick with more minimalist sneakers, or get some penny loafers if you want to be a little more sophisticated.

Getting Your Workout On

When you're building up a sweat at the gym, you'll need some shoes made to take a pounding. So find a couple good of pairs of trainers that will have you ready to do some lifts or take a jog on the treadmill. If your workout of choice is a specific sport such as running or basketball, you'll need the specialty athletic sneakers to match.

Heading to the Beach

Why would anyone want to wear footwear that prevents their feet from enjoying the ocean breeze? Walk along the beach in some fisherman sandals or other open-toed footwear so you can feel the sand while still having protection from sharp objects. If you're heading out on the water for the day, throw on some boat shoes that will give you traction on a wet deck while being incredibly comfortable.

We have more than 20,000 positive reviews from guys just like you who found exactly what they were looking for. Thanks to our vast selection of all these styles, you never have to give up the boost in confidence and stature that elevator shoes give you.


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