Seasonal Elevator Shoes - Summer

Seasonal Elevator Shoes - Summer

Add summer style and extra height to your wardrobe with excellent summer elevator shoes from

When researching about how elevator shoes are made to look like regular shoes, one of the most common pieces of advice men find is to consider their pant lengths. The back of the pants needs to cover the tops of the shoes, they learn. They also discover that certain pant styles work much better than others. The impression they leave with is this: Elevator shoes require wearing pants.

That makes summer a bummer.

Who wants to hit the pool wearing pants? Does any guy want to walk around a sweltering amusement park in jeans? Is it possible to enjoy a walk on the beach in khakis? Summer is made for Bermuda shorts, swimsuits, cutoffs and gym shorts, after all.

Here's some good news: We offer several styles of elevator shoes that are perfect for summer fun. You don't have to give up your height advantage when wearing shorts:

• Sneakers. The bold colors and stripes of fabric, paired with the lightweight panels and cushioned treads, are perfect for summer adventuring. They match well with a variety of athletic socks and running shorts or cargo shorts.

Canvas shoes. Many of these shoes feature light construction and neutral colors that work well with a variety of more tailored shorts, including Bermudas, chino shorts, pleated shorts or flat fronts. (If you live in a climate where shorts are accepted as part of formal wear, then dressier options are back on the table for you.)

Loafers or deck shoes. Because it's summer, it's conceivable you might find yourself on a boat of some sort. Boat loafers, deck loafers and other boat shoes offer ways to show off elegance and style. They lend themselves well to wearing without socks or with no-show ankle socks.

• Drivers. These unique shoes feature lightweight construction and a tread that extends from the heel across the back of the shoe toward the Achilles tendon. That extended tread and light construction gives drivers more control over the gas, brake and clutch pedals, but the look is perfect for summer and blends well with flat fronts and pleated shorts.

Sandals. That's not a typo. The right pair of sandals can offer extra inches in height without looking awkward. Our selection of elevator sandals looks nothing like ladies' thong sandals or wedges. With our selection, you'll get the best of both worlds: Kick them off or put them on easily and keep your height advantage. But you should skip socks when wearing these.

Hiking boots. Boots allow for some of the tallest height increases we have available at, so a pair of hikers is a good solution for men needing 4 or more inches during summer months. This style of boot is one of the few boots that are commonly worn with shorts - canvas or cargo shorts work the best, style-wise. As for beating the heat, find a pair of hiking boots with mesh panels or lightweight construction. Don't skimp on socks, either: Moisture-wicking socks will quickly earn their keep.

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