Height Increase Scam. "Don't be fooled!"

In "Alice in Wonderland", Alice ate a small cake and grew very tall. However, what works in fantasy doesn't work in the real world that you and I live in. There are no magic pills, potions, lotions or exercises to keep a person growing once they have stop. Still, many companies sell these products to cheat you out of your money. They are con artists selling 21st century snake oil. If you spend money on any of these products, you might as well throw it in the garbage. Same thing.

If you have been scammed and want to get your money back, don't expect too much from the product's guarantee. They are often not honored. If you paid by credit card, contact the bank that issued your credit card and file a dispute. This will generate a chargeback to the company. Companies don't like chargebacks and may be more willing to accommodate you when they receive one. If they get too many, the credit card company can leverage a fine or even cancel their account. In any dispute, the customer is assumed to be in the right, unless there is other evidence. If you paid by check and the check hasn't cleared, immediately contact your bank and stop payment on it. If the check has cleared or you paid by cash, there's not much that can be done. Some people have received partial refunds by sending the company emails every day demanding it. However emails are easy to ignore and most companies don't list phone numbers or postal addresses. No matter how you paid, use this as a learning experience and don't get scammed again.


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