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Owning shoes is something most men hate to discuss. Men are also not so conscious about their shoes and most are happy owning only two or three shoes. Generally men wear shoes that are needed most. Those men who do heavy work would prefer to wear work boots. On the other hand, those who are athletes know the importance of good shoes for the game or sport and probably have all the shoes that are needed. But what about the other times when these sportsmen are not playing or practicing something? Therefore you should choose some shoes that are acceptable for all occasions. In this way you can avoid going to a party wearing your sports shoes, or avoid scurrying to the store to buy the right shoe for an occasion. Keep a note of the following essential things relating to men's shoes because it can help you from lot of embarrassment and harassment at the same time.

If you add these shoes to your wardrobe, it is guaranteed you will step out in style on all the occasions. You should remember that even if you do not wear suits to work, there are many events where you need to wear a suit or where there is a dress code. To meet such situations you need sharp dress shoes.

Shoes having laces or those which are slip-on, work well during such type of occasions. A shoe having a shiner finish usually looks more formal and is well accepted during the dressy occasions. If you prefer to wear stylish jeans or khakis, then casual men's shoes ranging from refined to the rugged ones should be worn. These shoes are also well accepted and are worn a lot more than the formal ones, but you should assure that they are comfortable and is suitable to the weather conditions.

During winter months and in places having cold climates, men usually opt for the stylish boots, but when the season becomes warmer, a chic sandal would be more suitable.

You should choose something that you really like and is stylish which you can often wear. You should also choose only those shoes that suit your personality and tastes. There may be also occasions when you may want to look nice and smart, but without wearing a suit. In such cases you should wear casual shoes that look more formal than your regular everyday shoes.

If you happen to be an athlete, then you should choose sneakers which are specific to the sport of your choice. But the general sneaker is also an essential item of the wardrobe of men's shoes. In such cases you should choose comfortable classic sneakers instead of the high end running shoes. The Adidas "Campus" shoes have retro-styling and is available in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose the one that suits your personality and wardrobe.

Some of the other important points that should be kept in mind while choosing shoes are as follows:

Pick up only a shoe that matches or is darker than your pants. There is no need for socks to match your shoes.

  • Try to pick up socks as you would choose a tie, because these are the items that bring the whole outfit together.

  • If you want to wear a belt, then try to match your shoes to it