Find a world of different Elevator Shoes in your size at with our shop-by-size tool.

Men looking for a boost in height may think that elevator shoes are boring, bland and bulky. After visiting, they learn that nothing could be further from the truth.

Even though shoes are made to last longer than shirts or pants, styles and trends constantly evolve. For more than two decades, we've watched clever designers introduce new takes on traditional looks, and we've seen bold, new footwear designs revolutionize wardrobes.

Through our CALTO, TOTO and CALDEN lines, we've improved on those styles by adding our height-increasing insoles and other features. Our superior craftsmanship keeps these shoes comfortable and supportive over a long period of time, often outliving their non-elevator counterparts.

There are no shoes for Frankenstein's monster here. Our selection features a wide variety of modern looks and styles:

Traditional styles for formal or conservative needs. We know our Oxfords from our Derbies at Whether you need a pair of formal, patent-leather Oxfords for a tuxedo or sharp loafers for your work wardrobe, we have them in your size.

Fresh footwear designs. Fashion-savvy gentlemen who want to enjoy a boost in height will find a lot to love. Our collection includes fresh twists on traditional styles for modern looks, and brave, daring entries for men who make bold clothing choices.

Comfortable, casual designs. When your day calls for consideration of your comfort, our casual shoes, sneakers and sandals are built to give you extra height with all the comfort and support you'd expect. There's no reason to give up your height advantage during a trip to the grocery store.

All these options to make you taller are waiting for you at We'll give you this warning: Make sure you have plenty of time before clicking your size below, because when you see how many options we have for your feet, it will be hard to stop shopping.

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