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It happens every time, and we love it. When we show men how our elevator shoes can boost their height anywhere from 2 to 5 inches while looking identical to modern styles and designs, they get excited.

Most men think elevator shoes are some kind of platform shoe, similar to the massive boots worn by bassist Gene Simmons of KISS or forensic scientist Abby Sciuto in NCIS. Some guys think it's the equivalent of a women's pair of wedges, and instantly equate wearing a pair of Elevator Shoes to high heels.

That's why that moment of dawning realization is awesome. Men see a way they can enjoy a boost in their height without giving up their style. They can have loafers, Oxfords, canvas shoes, sneakers or anything else they want.

And that's when the next step happens. They ask, "But will those support my feet?"

"Do elevator shoes give my feet support?" is one of the most common questions we hear at, and we understand why. Support is important. Men need to stay fresh on their feet through a packed agenda of meetings, sales calls or visits. Or if they are attending a social event, they want to be able to stand at the altar, then dance the night away.

With that in mind, the answer to the question is yes - at least the shoes from will support your feet. We can't vouch for other shoemakers, who don't have the same commitment to product quality as we do. Some sellers just cram height-increasing insoles in without giving a second thought to comfort or support.

At, our shoes make you taller while providing plenty of support and comfort. You can see the details for yourself in this description of how our elevator shoes work.

If you're shopping around for elevator shoes, here's what to look for when considering whether those shoes will offer you support:

Quality insoles. The height-increasing insoles in our elevator shoes are also built to absorb impact. Additional layers help provide aeration, prevent deterioration and protection of the foot's natural instep.

Reasonable expectations. Part of our success comes from our seamless integration of height-increasing insoles without standing out. We put a lot of effort into the design of every shoe, and make sure that it offers room for extra height without sacrificing look or comfort.

That means every shoe offers different potential for extra inches. Sometimes the heel offers a way to add extra height. Shoes with a higher profile, such as dress boots, also allow for additional room. But the style of a shoe constrains the number of inches that can reasonably be added. As much as we want to give customers what they ask for, we simply won't offer a pair of boat loafers with a 5-inch increase, for instance.

Superior materials and craftsmanship. A well-made shoe will offer much more foot support over a long period of time.

Recommended uses. The style doesn't always match the intended function. Our basketball-style high-tops are a good example. The insoles inside will comfortably support your feet and give you all the support you'd expect from a great pair of high-tops. But we would not recommend hitting the court for a pick-up game wearing them. To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra: Our elevator shoes are made for walkin'.

Shop with confidence at for an outstanding pair of elevator shoes that offers support every step of the way.