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CALDEN - Height Increase Trending - Quality Meets Style

CALDEN - Height Increase Trending - Quality Meets Style
A good shoe, in general, is hard to come by. Your personal style pulls from streetwear and is influenced by the stars like Justin Bieber and Lil Uzi Vert who sport it. On the other hand, whether your look's a tad skater, hip-hop or punk rock, your life's full of adult-level responsibilities that, truth be told, call for a quality, somewhat classic shoe that's low on quirks. Between these two areas, our proprietary brand CALDEN shines with a mix of timeless yet modern and occasionally trendy elevator shoes that not only blend into your individual aesthetic but give your confidence a serious boost once you zip or lace them up.

The Basics About CALDEN Shoes

CALDEN is for the guy who consistently stays in-the-know in terms of the fashion world's going-ons. You not only know the difference between your derbies and your oxfords, but you can describe all of the intricacies of a dad shoe, dress sneaker and a classic high-top. Additionally, while no one would quite call you a sneakerhead, your shoe collection covers a full spectrum of work- to weekend-appropriate footwear that seems 100% current yet never overtly trendy.

With this vision, Tall Men Shoes constructs each on quality and the goal of feeling good. Specifically, we begin with fine, full-grain leather or sturdy canvas for the upper, and double-stitch many designs for an additional degree of durability. Rubber outsoles provide just the right amount of traction for the occasion, and as the key feature, they all include a concealed lift adding an additional 2.4 to over five inches of height. Your closet won't just gain a new, on-trend pair - you'll notice a brand-new outlook on life at the same time.

Types of Men's CALDEN Shoes

Within this scope, the CALDEN brand encompasses a number of men's footwear styles, all offering the literal and emotional lift a couple of inches provides. Sneakers are a primary draw, covering canvas high-tops that never wear out their welcome, more active designs with improved breathability, and smart-casual options in sleek monochrome or two-tone colorways.

At the other end, CALDEN gives you extra coverage and height with its line of elevator boots. Prepare for the office in a set of mid-height dress boots, show off your rugged side in a workwear-meets-outdoors mix, or give into your alternative, subculture-leaning tendencies with extra buckles and hardware. As the low-key complement to this assortment, we've finished off the CALDEN line with dressier but not-quite-formal elevator shoes, like derbies with brogue details, loafers and other slip-ons, and office-ready lace-ups with wingtips or square toes. Whatever your passion, find it and add a few inches through our CALDEN line.